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AO 445 (Rev. 11/11) Warrant for the Arrest of a Witness in a Civil Action UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT for the District of))))) Plaintiff v. Defendant Civil Action No. WARRANT FOR THE ARREST OF A
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In accordance with United States Supreme Court cases, you are authorized to arrest any person who has violated state or federal laws and to seize his or her property in a civil action. YOU ARE REQUIRED BY STATUTE & UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW TO DRAW and CAST any such person from any place and detain such person until your judicial authority to do so is made known to you. (R.S.O. 1990, c. L.1994, s. 14(a), as may be amended from time to time pursuant to United States Supreme Court case law) Dated at the United States Courthouse in Boston, Massachusetts on the 30th day of August 1994. © The arrest of a witness in a civil action pursuant to this section of the Code of Professional Responsibility, if otherwise permitted and authorized by law, may be made without the consent or presence of the person served with a subpoena or if such person objects to the taking of the person into custody, and in such a case such person's presence was an impediment to the person's free will in fulfilling the requirements of this section. (d) If the person arrested is a public officer of the State or federal government, as the case may be, the court shall, upon the motion of the court, appoint a person qualified and authorized the making of arrests under this section, who may serve and control the defendant until the trial of the action commences. (e) An order to appear on a subpoena pursuant to this section may be entered at any time and without any prior notice, regardless of when the summons for a hearing was issued.

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First ones FTA simple battery capital 2000 bond Matt and I went there a couple of days ago got no answer going to give it another shot see what happens his name is Timothy Presley no violent history or anything like that it's been arrested a few times this is unit right here in front of the empty handicap parking spot should be I just got a double check the address on that building there right here on the first floor yes sir 36 6 Timothy hello Mr sheriff hello you saw hand through the blinds nothing more than just a hand gripping the blinds' hi good morning I'm detective Thomas from the Sheriff's Office sorry to wake you looking for Timothy Presley he missed a court date yeah that's it not a big deal he's got a 2000 bond, so you can bond out this afternoon two hundred dollars with the bondsman with 10 is he home yeah he's here Jimmy he's in the bathroom little get dressed we're going to step inside if that's okay with you Oh does he yeah probably want to tell the judge that which one's the bathroom okay Timothy it's the sheriff how you're doing man how's it going yeah you have any weapons on you sir right turn around for me put your hands together for me like you saying a prayer cook the other way like if you can there you go palms together Music to see everything but now, but I will give it to her would you like the warrant number ma'am in the yes all right brief good go okay this next one gentleman by the name of Marvin Savage one in forty-six address twelve 994 146 place North down in Palm Beach Gardens its misdemeanor warrant for or misdemeanor capital for domestic battery thing with this guy here dating back to the 60s 70s he's got an extensive pass of assault and battery, so there's an AGG battery charge as well, so he seems to be a bit temperamental he's not afraid to get physical it seems, so hopefully he's in a good mood this morning, and you know it won't go that direction there are a couple vehicles that I see here at our register tomb one's going to be an 81 Buick two-door first three is Victor for two and then there's a pickup truck dodge blue Juliet India uniform its first three you know you can see by this photo here clean-shaven guy I don't see any distinguishing marks or anything so Oh I guess that was a charge back then he was at 68 yes sir okay anything on a residence here it's got issues looks like we could, we come in mark up here and got cover make our approach this looks like a kind of dirt road probably comes down the property is there are some structures right here around those trees you're not here no one back here I'm not sure if they just bear something in mind there's a reason why this guy want it to be this secluded keep an eye on the windows you see anything here okay once we move up he's got long cover for me at the front door so just kind of hold somewhere close to this 14 corner here, and we'll go from there doors open screen doors closed in front of it can you see inside this pickup truck right Marvin I got...


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